Recent Challenges for the Adhesives Industry

Raw Materials Shortages

PVA, EVA and Crosslinking Polymers 

Recent Challenges for the Adhesives Industry

  • Stemming from the hard freeze in Southern Texas that happened months ago, the adhesives industry is facing raw materials supply shortages. 
  • Supply pipelines are beginning to see replenishment, but will likely take another month or more before impact eases completely.
  • For now, adhesives companies across the country continue to feel the impacts of raw materials shortages.
  • Hardest hit are the raw materials needed to produce PVA, EVA and Crosslinking polymers.



Unprecedented Cost Increases

Expect Industry Wide Cost Increases 

Recent Challenges for the Adhesives Industry - Cost Increases

  • As the industry faces the long-term impacts of Covid-19, the supply shortage and other challenges with raw materials & shipping, price increases are hitting the industry.
  • Expected Increases:
    • Raw Materials
    • Shipping
    • Packaging 




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