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adhesive equipmentBetter Gluing™ means adhesives and equipment working together to provide the best bond in the most efficient manner possible. CP Adhesives has partnered with equipment manufacturers around the world to bring customers the right gluing solutions. Choosing the right adhesive is only the beginning. Proper application and curing dictates success or failure in a gluing operation.

For more than a decade CP Adhesives has custom designed and implemented hundreds of different glue application systems for our customers. Delivery systems range from simple hand held roller applicators to highly complex CNC controlled hot melt dispensers.

glue spreadersContact one of our equipment specialists today for a free consultation. See how we can improve your gluing!

Read more about our key Pizzi brand of Handheld adhesive spreaders and pressure pot based systems with pricing here (.pdf file).

For a more complete overview of the Pizzi brand adhesive applicators without pricing click here (.pdf file).


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