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How to Videos

New Canister Demonstration - Jeff goes through the set-up process for our new canisters of pre-pressured contact cement.

Mixing Powdered UF Resin - Jeff demonstrates the proper technique for mixing powdered urea resin on a small scale.

Troubleshooting Basics - Jeff discusses some of the common troubleshooting issues faced by adhesive users.

Using CP-0114 with Laminate - A demonstration using CP-0114 as an alternative to contact cement with laminate.

Woodworking / Gluing Articles

Adhesives & "Green" - Seeing the forest through the trees. An article on the green movement as it relates to the adhesives industry brought to you by Jeff Pitcher CP Adhesives. Lots of related resources here as well.

Contact Cement FAQs - Answers to 15 common questions on contact cement.

Determining VOC Content - Dow Chemical discusses how to determine VOC content.

Moisture Content - Dr. Gene Wengert discusses the effects of moisture content on gluing.

Radio Frequency Gluing - An overview of RF gluing and adhesive recommendations.

Veneer Checking - Kent Pitcher discusses the various causes and cures of veneer checking.

How to Use Powdered Urea Resin Adhesive - Brian Pitcher outlines the proper use of powdered UF resins.

Press Releases

CP Adhesives Benefits from Department of Labor Grant and NJMEP - Clifton, New Jersey, February 5, 2008

General Interest Articles

Companies and the Customers Who Hate Them (.pdf file) - An excellent general business article from the Harvard Business Review which discusses a common trap many businesses fall into.

Beware, Credit Card Scams - An article by Jeff Pitcher detailing credit card scams with tips on how to prevent them.  First published in WMMA's Cutting Edge magazine.

Woodworking Glossary

Terms and definitions for adhesives and woodworking.