National Casein Adhesives

Substitute & Replacement Glue Products

We always wish our competitors well. We like to see our adhesives industry as a whole flourish. With that, we were sad to see National Casein close their doors and discontinue the manufacture of their woodworking glue products.

If you are looking for an adhesive product to replace one you were using from National Casein, we might have something for you.

Below, we've put together a cross reference chart showing a list of our woodworking glue which you might find to be a great substitute for the National Casein product you were previously using.

Our products are available for purchase online right here on our website.

We would also be happy to discuss your specific adhesives needs. Feel free to give us a call at 800-454-4583.

National Casein
CP Adhesives
PL-1000 CP-0200
PC-2002 CP-0201
PC-2365 CP-0201
PVC 5656 CP-0401
2500, 2238, 1875 CP-0100, CP-0101
5121, PVC 5604 CP-0114
MUF4301, MUF 952, MUF 953, MUF 954 CP-0527
WP-2200, CL 1809HV CP-0203
HM-88 CP-0303
700-750 CP-0501
MB 330 CP-0803
DR Powder CP-0503
Splyset 200 series, Hexion DS Series CP-0508
Splyset 400 series, Hexion MS Series CP-0509